Saturday, March 11, 2006

In London

Made it to London - at Heathrow right now. The entire trip to Rwanda is going to be 23.5 hours in the air. So we just completed the first 10 in British Air. How can I describe the trip? Imagine Southwest Airlines, packed & cramped. Then imagine the flight lasting 10 hours!

OK, that's the last complaint (a minor one) because from here on it's going to be different and certainly moving. We travelled with Professor Don Miller (Director of the USC School of Religion and Center for Religion and Civic Culture) and his wife, Lorna. Together they have authored the "Survivors" book -- interviews with Armenian Genocide survivors. At their home we saw a book - pictures & stories of the Orphans of Rwanda. They refer to them as their "kids" and from what I understand the kids affectionately refer to them as their parents.

So the journey has started. I appreciate the comments and prayers. I can feel them. I'm off to Nairobi now and then Kigali from there - my next post will be from Africa. Take care.

©Fr. Vazken Movsesian 2006

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Night Before

Getting ready for the trip. I'll be spending time in Rwanda, 12 years after the Genocide. Imagine Armenia in 1927. What would we have seen? What would we have heard? That's the trip.